The beginning of the bounty

Farmer’s markets around the country are starting to show their true colours at this time of year, and the Halifax Farmer’s Market is no exception:

We here at Passable want to give you the heads up as to what is in season and around at the farmer’s markets.

Early in the spring, you can find the (all too brief) purple coloured tips of asparagus.

The brilliant roses and pinks and whites of early summer radishes, reminding us of what is to come.

And the first hothouse tomatoes of the year.

This saturday at the market, I found lemony sorrel and delicate purslane – which apparently is classified as a weed in Nova Scotia -, hearty orach – a dark purple green that is considered to be a precursor to modern spinach – and picked up a couple grass-fed steaks for the barbecue.

I hear from some of the farmer’s that the first strawberries will be coming soon, and that some of them may soon have hothouse cucumbers. We’ll keep you posted with new photos and stories every week.

Speaking of markets, the latest issue of Saveur is all about markets.

The issue shows markets from around the world, from Indonesia to Russia. It even mentions – ever so briefly – the Halifax Farmer’s Market, as shown on a map of markets from around the globe, placing it among such famous markets as the Pepper Exchange in India and the Mercato del Tartufo in Italy. It also features an opening article written by Naomi Duguid, the Toronto based food writer, about how markets nourish us mind, body and soul.