Charlottetown Farmers’ Market

I was just in Prince Edward Island, and treated myself to a little bit of time at the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market. A wholly different experience from the Halifax market. It caters more to prepared food—with African, Asian, Indian and Canadian food stalls peppered throughout the small building—but also has lots of wonderful local produce, art, crafts, coffee and preserves filling up the other booths.

Charlottetown Farmers Market

A blur of activity at the Farmers' Market

There is something really joyous about finding all kinds of foods that you wouldn’t expect to find elsewhere in PEI; the samosas and curries are especially delightful. But, ultimately, it’s the great local treats like Medallion smoked salmon and coffee that is roasted in Murray River, that makes me want to keep going back. And that’s exactly what I ate when I went there last week.

Medallion Smoked Salmon

delicious smoked salmon, eventually shaved super thin for an awesome breakfast sandwich

Bagel Prep

The beautifully sliced salmon is plopped on top of a swath of cream cheese, and sprinkled with red onion, capers and a finishing touches---a squeeze of fresh lemon



Last year there had been news of an expansion of the Market or perhaps an additional Charlottetown space, and I’m admittedly ignorant on what is going on there, but I have to say that as much as it does seem like someone squeezing into an outfit that is two sizes too small, I find the market charming and engaging, and part of me would hate to see it change.