The Hook Up: A Community Supported Fisheries Info Session

Off the HookOff the Hook CSF, the Ecology Action Centre and Local Source Market are putting on a community supported fisheries info session called “The Hook Up” on Monday, July 19 at 6pm at Local Source Market in Halifax. (Charles @ Agricola.)

There are only fifty spaces, so RSVP ASAP if you want to go.

If you’re interested in supporting small-scale fishers, coastal communities and protecting our ocean resources, this short information session about community supported fishery (CSF) initiatives is for you. They will take a look at how the model has worked elsewhere, how CSFs can help provide more choice and flexibility in Nova Scotia’s seafood markets, while supporting sustainable fisheries, coastal livelihoods and bolstering marine stewardship. You’ll also get the origin story of Off the Hook, which unfortunately doesn’t include superpowered lighthouse-keepers or the city of Atlantis. .

If finding out more about community and sustainability isn’t enough to reel you in, there’s also going to be a cooking demo with some fresh, whole haddock.

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Don’t miss this chance to taste fresh, sustainably caught fish from the Bay of Fundy and learn how you can support small-scale fishers and coastal communities this summer!