Let’s Twist Again

So it’s good news for Caribbean Twist, as they are now well on their way towards a zoning change, thanks to the support of a vocal and hungry community in Halifax who made it clear that they didn’t want anybody jerking around their favourite jerk chicken joint. (It had to be done. The pun was unavoidable. I apologize.)

When I went there earlier this week, hundreds had all ready signed the petition, and though I had an exasperating few phone calls with Jerry Blumenthal and HRM Planning & Development Service, who seemed to be on different pages while talking to them, ultimately Blumenthal was incredibly supportive, saying “I don’t think they’ll close it down as long as the process is moving forward,” and really seemed to hold out hope for success in discussions with Andrew Faulkner, Development Planner at Planning & Development Services which were supposed to start yesterday.

When I delivered a little report to The Coast on Tuesday, I had heard from Planning & Development Services that they had rejected an occupancy application for the space as it is currently zoned (thus my exasperation), and had two weeks to appeal that decision. The restaurant has an extension until the end of August to deal with the rezoning, but need the building owner — who is reportedly on vacation — to be a part of the rezoning application. But with Blumenthal, Peter Kelly and Planning & Development Services seemingly on the side of the restaurant, it looks like Halifax’s only source of Juici Patties might be safe, and I may never have to use another “jerk” pun again.