Is Gio the best restaurant in Halifax?

Could be.

bún cha giò

bún cha giò: vietnamese bbq pork - rice noodles in vinaigrette - julienne vegetable salad - crispy spring roll - chili - peanuts


gnocchi: ricotta & mascarpone gnocchi - crispy prosciutto - fresh pea purée - wilted swiss chard - red wine jus - blue cheese crème fraîche

peel me like a banana

peel me like a banana: baked banana chocolate mousse - chocolate chibouste - sautéed bananas - malted milk sorbet & chocolate nest

I often waver on what the best restaurant in town is. I feel like there are obvious picks — an easy top three or top five — but it’s hard to really nail it down. After a meal like the one I had at Gio last week, it definitely seemed easy to yell “this is the best restaurant in town!” from any nearby rooftop, but is it? Next time I eat at Fid, I might want to yell the same thing. Hell, next time I eat a burger at the Westcliffe I might very well want to yell the next thing.

Is Gio the best restaurant in Halifax? It sure was on Friday afternoon.