Lot 30

Lot 30

If you have spent any time in Prince Edward Island lately, you’ll know that Lot 30 in Charlottetown—which opened a scant two years ago—is part of the cream of the Island’s crop of restaurants.

I was fortunate enough to eat there this week, as I spent some time with my family on the Island. My mother and sister and I have taken to going out for a luxurious dinner together when the opportunity presents itself; our last outing was to Nectar Social House in Dartmouth when the two of them were in Halifax on a snowy joint visit. This time it was my turn to visit them, so I requested we leave the windy North shore of PEI for a few hours and head into town.

Lot 30 is a sleek restaurant. Deep colours run through the restaurant, modern art hangs on the walls. The menu is small, but impressive, ranging from the wonderful seafood Prince Edward Island is known for—oysters feature prominently on the appetizer menu—to Island lamb and beef. Between the three of us, we ordered the caramelized sea scallops with potato pave and red currant cherry reduction, the surf and turf—a 6oz grilled beef ribeye with seared scallops—with roasted baby potato and peppercorn vinaigrette, and the Shepherds Farm maple braised pork belly with potato puree and natural reduction.

The meal was sublime. Everything was cooked to absolute perfection; scallops were sweet, juicy and edged with caramelization, the steak was a perfectly seasoned, rosy medium-rare and the pork belly was crisp where it should be and tender everywhere else. The PEI potato was a superstar from pave to puree. My only complaint would be what appears to be their standard garnish of peppers and French beans which seemed like a lazy filler and didn’t really add to the composition of each plate.

We finished off our meal with a dessert sampler that sated every sweet tooth. It was a really beautiful meal. If you are heading to Prince Edward Island anytime soon—perhaps for the Fall Flavours Festival—check it out! Oh, and bring me with you.