Image courtesy Fox Hill Cheese House

If the picture doesn’t make it any clearer, Fox Hill Cheese House is finally, after months of paperwork and hard work, selling their own non-homogenised, locally produced milk. The dairy house talked about the sale of milk in a previous article on this website. It’s available at their flagship store in Port Williams as well at the Halifax Seaport Market storefront.

In an interview with Passable, Fox Hill’s Jeanita Rand tells us that, “Our first day of sales, Friday February 11th, in Halifax was good but our second day on Saturday was awesome!! Our customers were very excited, they have been very patient with the whole process.”

The milk is available in glass bottles, a system that harkens back to the days of daily milk delivery and the clink of the glass as it was placed on doorsteps. According to the company’s website, the whole milk retails for $3.00 per litre plus $2.25 for the bottle. The milk and bottle are sold separately so that the bottles can be exchanged, (you bring them your clean empty bottles, they supply you with another bottle of milk for $3.00) while customers are able to buy the milk separately. And just like in the old days, you need to clean out your bottles before your return them, and broken or chipped bottles will not be accepted for a return. You can find out more by checking out the FAQ on their website. According to Rand, “Consumers are very positive about have sustainable packaging that can be returned.”

As for the lack of homogenization in the product, which leads to separation of the fat (read: cream) from the thinner milk, not to fret. Rand suggests that, “gently turning the bottle will integrate the cream throughout the milk.”

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