Feisty Cooking Classes

As if she didn’t have enough on her plate.

On top of writing for The Chronicle Herald, cooking at the TIBS Family Dinners, working a multitude of local events (including the recent Slow Food Nova Scotia Dinner), Feisty Chef Renée Lavallée has given herself another task: teaching people how to cook.

Lavalée is starting up cooking classes at Two If By Sea, starting May 17th. She plans on having six different classes, each class organized around a specific culinary theme. Passable caught up with her to talk about her latest endeavour.

Image courtesy of Renée Lavallée

What made you want to start teaching cooking classes?
I feel it is time for me to give back what I’ve been taught…plus, people are getting to be afraid of cooking and ordering out all the time! I want to show that that it’s easy and affordable.

How many people can sign in?
It will be 15 people per class, and people can sign up for all 6 at once if they want to. This series is $40 per class.

How often will you do them?
Every week for 6 weeks is the 1st series, then when that series is over, I’ll set up a new one with different themes, prices, days and times.

What will people learn?
How to have fun in the kitchen

What do you want people to walk away with?
A feeling that cooking can be easy, fun and attainable.

For more information, you can email Renée, or check out her website.