Read up on it!

We here at Passable are a bit of a literary bunch.

As well as writing about food, we spend a lot of time reading about it. Sometimes it’s books, but often it’s online, reading websites, blogs, boards and whatnot. And like most things culinary, we like to share.

Here’s a collection of some of the things we’ve been reading here at Passable.

A story about how local agri-tourism and the “buy local” movement in Nova Scotia. But the reasons why may surprise you…

The Coast takes a quick peek at the sixth annual Nova Scotia Fall Wine Festival.

Wired Magazine recently published an article on the mysterious properties of the miracle berry, a berry that changes the way your tastebuds react.

From a recent Globe & Mail article: The ultimate bartering party: my food for your food.

The print edition of Saveur is a fave, but they recently started posting videos on their very own Youtube site.

This one minute video has everything: enviable kitchen space, great tips and a grown man who says “shake the dickens.” ‘Nuff said.