Read Up On It! – For October 7th, 2011

As we mentioned last week, Passable will be posting a weekly collection of some of our favorite things to read: from blogs to news sites to chats and more.

Here are some of our favorite things to read this week.


With more and more people discovering that they are sensitive to wheat one doctor talks to Macleans on why he thinks this is happening.

A CBC story on the possible abolition of a prohibition-era law which impedes the importation of wine across provincial boundaries.

Nathan Myhrvold, he of the 43 pound, six volume book on modernist cuisine, posits that one of the easiest ways to aerate and decant wine is to put it in a blender.

Eater takes a look at the beautiful bounty of bitters.

The Globe and Mail shows us that food in Newfoundland isn’t all about salt cod and scrunchins.

For the turophiles among us: The importance of affinage in cheese via the NYT.