Read Up On It – The Video Edition for November 18th, 2011

One of the most engaging parts of food writing online is the ease and accessibility of video content. Think of the great content on Chow or The Perennial Plate (whose Daniel Klein appeared in Passable last February).

This week’s edition of Read Up On It has three videos this week. We think these are videos worth watching, unlike those mindless videos of kittens doing things (though that’s not to say we don’t enjoy watching those videos).

Sesame Street does a send up of The Iron Chef


  • We here at Passable like to think we’re a pretty adventurous bunch. We order tripe and chicken’s feet at dim sum, some of us have been known to nom on pig tongues (more on tongues and offals later) and like to push ourselves. But casu marzu? Dunno. Worms in my cheese is a different thing.
  • For those of you who think using animal products is wrong, what about that ink under your skin? The Atlantic asks, is it vegan?
  • William Shatner is a lot of things. But who would’ve thought he would be a stickler for safety when it comes to deep frying turkeys?

And last but not least, a little bit of Sesame Street. We all know the show is fond of having sandwhiches and cabbages talk, and that Muppets have problematic relationships with food – just look at the Swedish Chef. But maybe they’ve been looking at it wrong the whole time. What about an “Iron Chef”-esque competition?