Read Up On It – Passable Writers Posting and Positing

We here at Passable like to spread our love of food as far and wide as possible. Wether we’re discussing our devotion to local goodies to international writers, mover and shakers, we think that sharing is an important part of food culture. Part of that sharing means that some of us have day jobs, and some of those day jobs have us writing for other publications. We also don’t have much of a habit of tooting our own horns here, but every once in a while, there comes a reason to break with tradition.

Image via The Coast

One of our writers, Melissa Buote, recently returned from a brief hiatus as restaurant reviewer for The Coast. She will be resuming her regular gig reviewing restaurants in their pages. Melissa worked alongside editor Kyle Shaw on this week’s issue, focusing on the new and interesting in Halifax. To start things off right, she chose three restaurants which she believes to be among the best in the city. In her words, it was “Tasty, enjoyable work maybe, although still difficult.” Buote also writes about the forgotten gems this city has to behold, hidden away in hotels around the city.

As for the rest of out team, our own Andy Murdoch wrote an article about the recent surge in supper clubs and pop-ups around HRM. For those of you looking for more info, you should read his recent Passable post about it. As for myself, I wrote two short blurbs about my love for asian food in Halifax, as well as the burgeoning cocktail culture in the city.

If we can toot our own horn one last time, kudos and congratulations to Buote’s triumphant return to the pages of The Coast.