Read Up On It – For November 25th, 2011

Yesterday we posted an early version of Read Up On It, since we were in the mood to toot our own horn. We now return to our regularly scheduled edition of our favorite readings of the past week..

Aziz Ansari, David Change and James Murphy grace the inside of GQ. We thank them for it.

  • I can’t get over how much I love this story. GQ notices a photo tweeted by Aziz Ansari of him, LCD Soundystem/DFA label owner James Murphy and Momofuku’s David Chang, with the tagline: “”David Chang, @lcdsoundsystem, and myself want to go to Tokyo and eat food. Can some magazine/Travel Channel pay.” GQ obliges.
  • The University of King’s College’s journalism program publishes a newspaper for most of the academic year. In this issue, they take on shark finning.