Boom Burger (Charlottetown)

Boom Burger
There are two things that I find hilarious about Boom Burger in Charlottetown.

First is the fact that it is apparently owned by Cow’s, the cartoonishly bovine-friendly ice cream company based in Prince Edward Island. I can only guess that their Holstein-based art won’t make the jump to Charolais and Herefords, since there aren’t as many adorable connotations to be played out when it comes to beef cattle.

Second is the fact that the folks behind this company clearly made their way to a Five Guys and totally jacked their business plan, from the bags of potatoes on the dining room floor, to the prep line, toppings, packaging and flavour profiles. They even pour extra fries in the paper bag your meal is served in. The only thing missing is the peanuts. Check this side-by-side comparison. Boom Burger is on the left, Five Guys is on the right.

Boom BurgerBoom Burger