Read Up On It – For January 13th, 2012

This week’s collection of links and stories are a little more on the extravagant side, with a few stories about truffle season, the possible end of foie gras, as well as a video on the fileting/butchering of a tuna. Bon Appetit!

Image from Wikipedia.

  • Who would think that 60 Minutes would be a place for interesting food stories? Yet, here they are, talking about truffles, including the influx of cheap chinese truffles and the mafia connection.
  • Even though some people might decry the lack of foie gras, Mark Bittman at the NYT opines on the recent trend of how we are eating less meat.
  • If you’re interested in the politics and policy behind food, you should follow Marion Nestle’s columns in the Atlantic. Although the articles often reflect previous columns, Nestle provides concise commentary on issues around food. Recently, she brings up the difference between organic, local, sustainable and more. She even touches on the subject of the wages of the people who raise/grow/pick our food. Your tomato may be organically grown, but was it harvested by someone who was paid a decent wage?
  • Every year, Saveur makes a list of their 100 favorite things about food. Things to eat, things to read, things to think and talk about. I would like some dried organge blossoms and a trip to Bali please.
  • Del Posto has been posting videos of some of their preparations on YouTube. But the best one of all may be this video, where they take apart an entire tuna.