Read Up On It – The “No Paula Deen” Edition for January 20th, 2012

It seems like half of the food writing that has come across my board this week has been about poor Paula. Although we here at Passable have nothing against the southern maven, we would like to provide a sanctuary from all the news that has come up around her.

Instead, we have news that SNL’s Stefon has his own Yelp page (Skinny Cholos!Gary Busey!Closeted Guidos!), Tim Horton’s recent foray into the world of 24 ounce drinks (seriously? That’s almost a freaking litre!), the uncutous underworld of umami and a video about the craziest test anyone may ever take: to be a sommelier. This is Read Up On It, The “No Paul Deen” edition.

  • An interesting food blog from (where else?) Brooklyn, gives advice on how to enjoy (um, drink?) older vintages of wine. I have to admit though, if someone showed up at my house with a bottle of 1945 Petrus, I would read this and pay close attention.
  • SOMM is a film that tells the story of four individuals who are about to take the Master Sommelier Exam. This film makes cramming for medical exams look like a piece of cake.