Read Up On It – March 9th, 2012

This week’s edition of Read Up On It is a love letter to butchery, a kooky ice cream parlour and a stocky southern chef who believes in the preservation of seeds, stories and more.

  • Speaking of butchering, Gastronomica invites Edward Lee to talk about his recent experience at an abbatoir. “You don’t hear “slaughterhouse” in the farmer’s vernacular. You hear euphemisms like “harvest my pigs” or “process my cows” instead. Stockyard signifies mega-processors like Swift or Smithfield. Small, independent processors are called abattoirs, which sounds so much more civil.
  • Eater also posted a teaser video of an ice cream book I need. Ever hear of Humphry Slocombe? If you haven’t – and especially if you have – check out this video.
  • I need to see this movie. You need to see this movie. We all do. Then we can all dream of sushi.
  • This last story is a little sad. Milk Thistle, a farm in upstate New York that supplied Momofuku Milk Bar with their dairy (and was subsequently immortalised in their cookbook) has shut down its operations due to financial troubles. The story in Edible Manhattan is an example of the problems that many small farmers face, and an example of how difficult it can be to farm.