Read Up On It – March 16th, 2012

“Eat this.” “No, eat this.” “Don’t eat that.” It’s never ending.

We keep seeing stories about foods that are bad for us. It seems like we are bombarded by ideas and facts. Who knew eating was a gastronomic game of russian roulette? This week in Read Up On It, we find out about red meat, hot dogs and trans fats.

I’ll be over here, crying in the corner and eating an all beef hotdog covered with fries.

  • Also at CBC, news that red meat, if eaten daily, is apparently bad for us. Personally, I would like to know where and what kind of red meat these people are talking about. Could they be talking about red meat that comes from grain-fed cattle or grass fed? Because it’s been reported that grass-fed is full of healthy fats. (gets off soapbox- ed.)
  • I have a great love for Jean Reno. From Leon the professional to Viktor, the cleaner, he’s great at playing hard nuts to crack. But he has his funny side as well. Looks like he’s trying to tap into that side with this new french film, where he plays a washed-up chef.