Read Up On It – The Cheezie edition.

This week’s edition of Read Up On It is dedicated to that most wonderful of cheese snacks, the Cheezie.

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It was recently announced that James E. Marker, the man who invented Cheezies, had passed away. I have a great love for those little snacks. I remember buying them as a kid at my elementary school concession stand. But for some unknown reason, at one point, my school stopped selling them. I had vague memories of them as an adult, always dissapointed by other “cheese” snack items. But a few years ago, I saw them at my neighbourhood grocery store. I bought a bag and dug in. They tasted as good as I remembered. For once, the nostalgia effect didn’t ruin the reality of the item. It was as good as I remembered. Sure, it tasted like junk food, but junk food I would want to eat. Once I open a bag, I can’t stop eating them. At Hallowe’en this year, my better half bought individual serving bags to give out to trick or treaters. Twenty-two of them. We had two trick-or-treaters come to the door, and each were given two bags. That left eighteen bags in the house. They didn’t last long.

  • – Slate posted a great piece this week about caramelised onions. The verdict: your recipe books are lying to you when they say “cook for 5-10 minutes until caramelised”. Try 45-50 minutes.
  • Ever wonder how scientists established those “basic nutrition guidelines” that you see on packaged foods? By starving prisoners, or so says Marion Nestle over at The Atlantic.