Read Up On It – The May 11th edition

In this week’s edition of Read Up On It, we visit Newfoundland via Halifax, we get snobbish about chef snobbery and talk about tuna scrapings, the new “pink slime”.

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  • Here’s one I have thought of when I taste things with a wooden spoon. Does the material of the object (spoon/fork/spork) affect the taste of things? Apparently so, according to FT.
  • Things just ain’t the way they used to be. Take buttermilk for example. It used to be a tangy drink. Now it’s just nasty, and only good enough for making baked goods. seems to think so.
  • Remember that whole “pink slime” debacle? At least that stuff was somewhat food safe. Try tuna scrapings. Served raw. Marion Nestle breaks it down over at The Atlantic.
  • And on a local tip, Local Source just put out a neat little promo-esque video.