Passable Podcasts: Getaway Meat Mongers

Passable presents the first in a series of Passable Podcasts. The series will feature interviews, discussions and rants from all sorts of people who are passionate and engaged by and with food. They will be farmers, cooks, chefs and more. They may even be your neighbour.

The first Passable Podcast is an interview with Chris deWaal and Ben Andrews from Getaway Meat Mongers. Andrews is a butcher by trade. He studied the practice in New Zealand, where he grew up. Unfortunately, when Ben moved to Nova Scotia, he found out that butchery was not a recognised trade. Luckily, he was able to find work in his trade, and now works at Getaway, slicing, dicing, mincing and a lot of de-boning. A lot.

Chris deWaal is the owner and operator of Getaway Meat Mongers. His family run Getaway Farms, a small grass-fed beef operation in the Annapolis Valley. After selling their products for a while at a stall the Halifax Farmers’ Market, deWaal moved shop to the Seaport Market and opened up Getaway Meat Mongers. Chris hired Ben a few months later and is now one of the few retail spaces in Halifax that has their own butcher.

I had the opportunity to talk with Chris and Ben as they were doing what they do best: taking apart large cuts of meat.

*The dish I get excited about – and mention – at the 13:20 Tripe à la mode de Caen, a french tripe dish. You can read about it here.