Passable: A Passably Good Food Blog

It’s always nice to be recognised, to be nominated. But dangnabbit, it feels awesome to win!

Passable was recently voted as Best Local Food Blog by readers of The Coast.

An excerpt from The Coast:

Sleek and simple, the blog is based on the premise that passable, as a word to describe Halifax and its food, is far from an insult. Rather, its bloggers believe that in being “unassuming” and “underrated” Halifax has great potential to surprise its gastronomic adventurers by making the everyday extraordinary. The blog’s occasional diary-style posts concentrate on these sorts of personal discoveries, while the weekly Read Up On It pulls together food stories from a variety of media outlets into easily (ahem) digestible bullets and hyperlinks.

Thank you so much to our readers, The Coast and their readers and to everyone who makes this blog possible. We promise to keep up the good work!