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    Read Up On It – For June 29th, 2012 

    A few weeks ago, we told you about how Two If By Sea’s Zane Kelsall was in the running for a $100,000 grant to start up his own coffee roasting business. Well, on Monday, it was announced that he did indeed get the grant. Congratulations! (Via CBC)

    • Remember when butter was a bad word? Well, if that was still the case, it seems like we all like to say bad words, and pay for it too. Butter sales are up. (via Advertising Age)
    • The city of Richmond, B.C., has recently hired a food blogger to write about eating and living in Richmond. To write every day, about what she eats in Richmond.  The Globe And Mail catches up with her.
    • Gilt Taste launched an app. I can’t afford to buy anything on it, but the recipes, many of them by Ruth Reichl, are pretty damn awesome. The NYT looks into it.
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    Berry Fever Strikes Again 

    You know summer has finally arrived in Nova Scotia when the farmers markets are full of beautiful strawberries.

    This is all that remains of the strawberries in my house right now…

    It’s nice to be able to eat fresh fruit that is grown in your own (proverbial) backyard. It also means that it’s time to start preserving/canning/bottling/freezing for the upcoming winter. If you’re looking for something interesting to do with all your summer berries, may I suggest packing them in booze. You’ll thank me for it this winter when it’s ready, or next summer when the booze will be even more delicious.

    If, by chance, you still have some leftover frozen fruit in your freezer from last year and you want to get rid of it? Summer is perfect for sorbets, and frozen fruit works well in making them.

    But then again, you could just do what is probably the easiest and best way to use fresh strawberries: eat them out of hand.

    (A little tip on using frozen berries for sorbet: try and thaw the fruit a little before you start to make your sorbets. Ice tends to form on the outside of frozen fruit, and can dilute the flavour of the berries.)

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    Read Up On It 

    This week’s list is rather sweet, with stories about soda, elderflowers and even deep-fried Trix. Welcome to summer.

    • And then he goes on to talk about making elderflower fritters. Also, I know a guy who says he has a field full of edlerflowers and all I have to do is go and pick them. Maybe I will now.
    • I don’t know what to think of this one. A server at a chain restaurant took to her Facebook wall to kvetch (okay, she bitched) about a shitty tip she got. The response was soon on Reddit and someone sent the link to head office. Now she’s fired.
    • The issue of copyrights and patents has always been a strange one when it comes to food. People borrow, use (and misuse) ideas, techniques and recipes all the time. But someone in Vegas wants to patent a cut of beef. Slate looks into it.

    And it’s been kinda hot out. Here are some boozy slushies you can make at home. Now. Like right now. ‘Cause it’s the weekend.

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    Rediscovering your roots. 

    Sometimes you just need a gentle nudge to remind you, to look around you.

    I had many gentle nudges last week.

    People sometimes have a negative, or rather, shortsighted view of food in Halifax.  No, we don’t have legions of food trucks selling us crazy ice creams or kooky tacos with kimchi.  No, we don’t have a chinatown, or a little cambodia.  But we do have a lot of things that other places don’t. And we have people trying to cultivate interesting food cultures, spaces, and practices.  We just sometimes need to be reminded, be given a new (or refreshed) perspective on what is here.

    A couple months ago, I got a message from Matt Armendariz. Matt writes a blog called Matt Bites, and he and I became acquaintances in 2010 when I interviewed him for Passable. Since then, he and I have kept in touch. In the case of the aforementioned message, Matt told me that he and Adam, his partner in crime (and also a Passable interview subject) would be coming to Halifax as Matt was asked to write/blog/tweet/etc. about Halifax. So last Tuesday, I met up with Matt and Adam for the first time after almost two years of interviews, chats, emails and more.

    (More …)

    • Mary 11:40 am on June 27, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      I just found your site today and am excited to learn about places to eat in Halifax as I’ll be spending July there for work.

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    Read Up On It – June 15th, 2012 

    This week is about cocktails, food writing advice and most importantly – is Gordon Ramsay having a bad day?

    • Le Bernardin is renown for its dedication when it comes to fish. So GQ asks them to show us how to fillet a fish.

    (More …)

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    Donair Love. 

    Last night I went to Pizza Corner with a couple friends who are visiting from L.A. so that they could experience their first donair. When I got home, an article I had written about donairs for The Globe And Mail was on my RSS feed. Gastronomic serendipity, baby.

    Screengrab from Globe And Mail website

    If I can be permitted to toot my own horn, I have to say I’m pretty excited about writing for the Globe. The story ended up being posted on Reddit and has had over 600 shares. Not bad for a late night snack.

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    A Good Burger is as easy as ABC 

    I like burgers. I spent a lot of time eating burgers earlier this year for a story for The Coast’s HRMburger article in the “Cheap Eats” issue. (That article name, by the way, was a stroke of genius by Kristina!) There are a lot of middling burgers in Halifax. There are also a few really good burgers. And every day there seem to be more and more burgers. (“Burgers, burgers, burgers,” yells Jan Brady in agreement.)

    The one place I’m really excited about—and I don’t think any of us wrote about this yet, which is why I bring it up—is Ace Burger Company, which is going to be opening behind Gus’s Pub on Agricola Street.

    Leo and George Christakos from Brooklyn Warehouse—inarguably one of the city’s best restaurants…seriously, try arguing with me about it—are behind this alphabet burger joint, so I have high, high hopes. They unleashed this idea during Open City in May, which I missed due to an out-of-town trip, but I have heard nothing but good things about it. A lot of “nom, nom, noms” and other incredibly specific descriptions. You know how it goes. So I’m excited! Even if “behind Gus’s Pub” lives up to my expectations, which look something like this:

    Those guys were great kitchen staff, though. So who am I to judge? I’ll reserve all of that business until I get my hands on a burger. My hopes: a restaurant that cools it on the novelty toppings and focuses on a great patty. We’ll see!

    Check out their website or Facebook or Twitter to see when they open.

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    Fig Love 

    I have been dreaming and wishing and hoping to revist fig liqueur since I first took a tipple as a part of a simple dessert pairing with nougat, a ridiculously delicious combination so heavenly that I am convinced that Jesus himself send a host of angels to Valetta, Mdina, Marsaxlokk and every other little town in Malta with gilded scrolls that said “Hey guys, seriously: figs and nougat. Look into it.” (I’m pretty sure I probably nailed Jesus’ writing voice right there, by the way.)

    I haven’t had the chance to have this combination since a trip to Malta, which is where all dreaming and wishing and hoping turns to sighing and cursing and pouting. Now I don’t know if it’s just because there is a trailer for Les Mis on TV right now while I write this, but I’m dreaming a dream of fig liqueur in Halifax. In fact, I’m dreaming a dream of better access to a wider array of liqueurs, bitters and spirits at our various liquor stores. Who can make that happen? NSLC? Bishop’s Cellar? Premier Wines & Spirits? Innovative Beverages?

    Come on, you guys. Don’t let life in Nova Scotia kill this dream.

    Also, that movie looks terrible.

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    The Hangover 

    In the cold morning light, after a night where I drank more cocktails than I usually do, after tripping along the waterfront and accosting all the pettable dogs in a hazy walk to the ferry with Kristina, after finding myself on a magical bus where the driver just told me to point where I wanted and he’d drop me off (all your past crimes are forgiven, Metro Transit… for now), after having a drunkard’s LOL at a dumb text I sent earlier in the night, after waking up at 3am and stumbling to the bathroom for a Motrin, after applying a slash of red lipstick so I wouldn’t look like a corpse as I queasily stepped out into the world to go to work, I’m going to go ahead and say that the drinks at the Bicycle Thief are the best in town. Yep. Now excuse me while I go lie down.

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    Read Up On It – June 8th, 2012 

    This week’s edition of Read Up On It deals with salmon, salt and a little bit of hooch. Bon appetit!

    Jeff Van Horne mixes up a drink or two on his blog

    • The CBC is reporting that you may be able to go fishing for salmon after all this summer. (Via CBC)
    • I remember reading about the use of smoke in thai desserts. I guess more and more chefs are interested in it, from maple to smoked cherries.(Via Wall Street Journal)

    (More …)

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