Read Up On It – June 1st Edition

This week’s collection is a mishmash of everything you ever wanted to know about chicken, more than you did about stevia, and even less of what you ever wanted to see about eating live octopus tentacles. ‘Cause that’s how we roll.

Things are looking good on Halifax’s food scene this week.

  • Things aren’t looking to good for fans of salmon fishing in Nova Scotia. Don’t expect to go out fishing this season, as it won’t really be open. (via CBC)
  • For those of you who thought that dropping over $600 on Nathan Myrhvold’s Modernist Cuisine cookbook/manifesto/objet d’art was a bit much, well then take heed: there is now a compact, home friendly version called Modernist Cuisine At Home. I know I want to try cooking the steak where you freeze it, sear it, then finish it off in the oven. Apparently, it gets rid of that nasty “grey zone” in between the sear and the inside of the meat.
  • This one is for all of you in the hospitality/serving industry. Florence Fabricant of The NYT’s Dear FloFab has some advice for those of you who think it’s okay to show up at restaurants with four or five extra people for your table. It ain’t.