Coffee Dedication

Zane Kelsall would like to have you sample his coffee.

Screengrab from Kelsall’s BDC pitch

Kelsall, one of the proprietors of Two If By Sea, has been selling coffee and espresso-based drinks at his popular cafe for a few years now. Ever the stickler for perfection, the barista/business owner is working to give himself one more way to ensure that his coffee is as good as it gets – by roasting it himself.

Kelsall recently entered to compete in the BDC Young Entrepreneur Award. The winner will receive a $100,000 grant.  Kelsall hopes to win the grant so that he can set up Anchored Coffee, a torrefaction house that would source coffee directly from farmers in South America and Central America. For him, it’s all about accountability, not only to the taste of the coffee, but to his consumers, and his sources. “All coffees will be single origin, meaning that they’re produced in one spot by one farmer,” he explains. “Every bag will have the date that the coffee was roasted on it, and the batch number that it was roasted as well so we have complete traceability there. We’re also letting people know how it was grown, how it was processed, the farmer’s name, the altitude of the farm and everything we can possibly do to give the coffee a proper story.”

When asked why he wanted to place such attention to detail, Zane notes that, “I think it enhances your enjoyment. Because the most important thing for me is that I think our customers get more enjoyment knowing where their cup comes from, having a story and how it got to them. With traceability comes accountability. We have to show that we’re buying ethical coffee.”

The award selection process is open to the public, with voting closing on June 19th. Kelsall is up against seven other young entrepreneurs from across Canada. You can check out Zane’s pitch here.

If all goes well and Kelsall gets the prize, he is hoping to have coffee on his shelves early next year, with an official launch next summer.

Good luck Zane!