The Hangover

In the cold morning light, after a night where I drank more cocktails than I usually do, after tripping along the waterfront and accosting all the pettable dogs in a hazy walk to the ferry with Kristina, after finding myself on a magical bus where the driver just told me to point where I wanted and he’d drop me off (all your past crimes are forgiven, Metro Transit… for now), after having a drunkard’s LOL at a dumb text I sent earlier in the night, after waking up at 3am and stumbling to the bathroom for a Motrin, after applying a slash of red lipstick so I wouldn’t look like a corpse as I queasily stepped out into the world to go to work, I’m going to go ahead and say that the drinks at the Bicycle Thief are the best in town. Yep. Now excuse me while I go lie down.