A Good Burger is as easy as ABC

I like burgers. I spent a lot of time eating burgers earlier this year for a story for The Coast’s HRMburger article in the “Cheap Eats” issue. (That article name, by the way, was a stroke of genius by Kristina!) There are a lot of middling burgers in Halifax. There are also a few really good burgers. And every day there seem to be more and more burgers. (“Burgers, burgers, burgers,” yells Jan Brady in agreement.)

The one place I’m really excited about—and I don’t think any of us wrote about this yet, which is why I bring it up—is Ace Burger Company, which is going to be opening behind Gus’s Pub on Agricola Street.

Leo and George Christakos from Brooklyn Warehouse—inarguably one of the city’s best restaurants…seriously, try arguing with me about it—are behind this alphabet burger joint, so I have high, high hopes. They unleashed this idea during Open City in May, which I missed due to an out-of-town trip, but I have heard nothing but good things about it. A lot of “nom, nom, noms” and other incredibly specific descriptions. You know how it goes. So I’m excited! Even if “behind Gus’s Pub” lives up to my expectations, which look something like this:

Those guys were great kitchen staff, though. So who am I to judge? I’ll reserve all of that business until I get my hands on a burger. My hopes: a restaurant that cools it on the novelty toppings and focuses on a great patty. We’ll see!

Check out their website or Facebook or Twitter to see when they open.