Read Up On It – June 15th, 2012

This week is about cocktails, food writing advice and most importantly – is Gordon Ramsay having a bad day?

  • Le Bernardin is renown for its dedication when it comes to fish. So GQ asks them to show us how to fillet a fish.

  • A journalist from The Guardian interviews Gordon Ramsay. The opening paragraph:

Gordon Ramsay and I eyeball one another, turn away, and stare into space. In the long, sour silence that follows, I hear my nails drum the notepad on my knee. “Well,” I say, “maybe we should call it a day.”

“I’m going to shoot, then,” huffs Ramsay. “I didn’t expect it to end like that.”

“Well, neither did I.”

And without another word, we both walk out.

Read the rest here.