Berry Fever Strikes Again

You know summer has finally arrived in Nova Scotia when the farmers markets are full of beautiful strawberries.

This is all that remains of the strawberries in my house right now…

It’s nice to be able to eat fresh fruit that is grown in your own (proverbial) backyard. It also means that it’s time to start preserving/canning/bottling/freezing for the upcoming winter. If you’re looking for something interesting to do with all your summer berries, may I suggest packing them in booze. You’ll thank me for it this winter when it’s ready, or next summer when the booze will be even more delicious.

If, by chance, you still have some leftover frozen fruit in your freezer from last year and you want to get rid of it? Summer is perfect for sorbets, and frozen fruit works well in making them.

But then again, you could just do what is probably the easiest and best way to use fresh strawberries: eat them out of hand.

(A little tip on using frozen berries for sorbet: try and thaw the fruit a little before you start to make your sorbets. Ice tends to form on the outside of frozen fruit, and can dilute the flavour of the berries.)