Give it to me large

You just can’t help yourself. The summer starts and the heat and humidity smack you upside the head.  You need relief from it all. And so you go to that childhood favourite, that flavour you always loved.

Thank god they don’t sell Moon Mist in tubs

There is something homey and simple about ice cream, even when it is gussied up with brownie bits, fudge swirls, caramel cups and lots and lots of sprinkles.  Oh, those sprinkles.

The best way – and the best time- to eat an ice cream is not to head to your freezer, but to get out of the house, preferably after supper.  Walk, bike or get in your car to get to the nearest corner store, newsstand, or mom-and-pop joint down the street. Walk up to the freezers, and look at the selection.  Avoid the stuff that has ice crystals forming, you know it’s not popular for a reason. I’m looking at you Tiger Stripe. Go for a classic, like Grapenut. Try it again, you may like it as an adult.  Moon Mist is the only time you will eat anything somewhat banana-flavoured, but you don’t care, it’s a big scoop of instant nostalgia that hasn’t changed its taste since you were five.

Get extra napkins. Get a bigger scoop than you think you can handle.  It’s summer.  It’s brief, it’s warm and you might as well enjoy what you can when you can.  Because ice cream doesn’t taste as good when it’s a blizzard outside.