Read Up On It – For August 10th, 2012

This week on Read Up On It, more about natural wines, food carts and more. Dig in!

  • First, a little bit about wine. There’s been a lot of talk about “natural” wines and what that means: not only in terms of growing, but of taste, labelling and more. The Globe And Mail looks into it, and we posted about it last week, via a New York Times story. Both take it from two very different vantage points. Worth reading, and apparently, imbibing.
  • Speaking of wine, its not just grapes that make the wine, but apparently bugs. More specifically, wasps, or so says NPR.
  • Oh, FloFab. How I love thee. What to do when your beet falls to the floor in a fancy pants restaurant. Hint to servers: don’t serve it.
  • On the local tip, The Chronicle Herald looks into the world of fish farming, both out at sea and inland.