Read Up On It for October 5th, 2012

Read Up On It returns this week with all kinds of kooky stories for you to check out this week.  Everything from MSG to that “supposed” bacon shortage, alongside a map of what apples you should be eating/using/cooking. (Apologies for being unable to post a brand-new Read Up On It last week, but I have returned with a great list of links for you.). It’s time to Read Up On It!

Image via The Atlantic

  • Still at the Globe, Chris Nuttal-Smith looks into a quebec organisation called La Société Orignal that sources and sells food that chefs are salivating over, such as sea urchin bottarga.
  • The New York Times looks into two very interesting and divisive topics: hunting and offals.
  • Speaking of offals, the Guardian talks about feet. Nom nom toes.
  • And last but not least, David Chang gives a talk about MSG and the stigma behind that tasty glutamate.