Read Up On It For October 12th, 2012

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For a lot of food lovers in Nova Scotia and the rest of Atlantic Canada, the publication of Maclean’s 50 Best Restaurants was a bit underwhelming. A few notices (props to Fid & Bicycle Thief). But the real story popped up on Thursday when the editor of said issue, Jacob Richler, was published in the Globe and Mail, where he called the Maritimes a “culinary sad sack”. Ouch. On Friday, October 12th, CBC Mainstreet interviewed Mr. Richler to explain why he said what he did, and then subsequently interviewed three local chefs – Jennie Dobbs from Morris East, Michael Howell from Tempest and Renée Lavallée, a.k.a. Feisty Chef – to respond. Well, the Feisty Chef had already responded online. You should read what she had to say. As of press time, I’m still waiting for Mainstreet to update their podcasts so that I can include a link to the interview(s).

During the on-air discussion, host Stephanie Domet asked the three chefs what they would offer Mr. Richler to eat, so as to try and change his mind. Ms. Lavallée suggested crow. And therein lies the reason for this week’s image in our weekly Read Up On It.


  • I’m currently working on an interview with Naomi Duguid, the co-author of multiple cookbooks such as Hot Sour Salty Sweet. Duguid recently published her first solo endeavour, about the food of Burma. It will be posted here on Passable at the start of next week. In the meantime, check out a piece in the Globe and Mail about her.
  • The CBC reports about the current bumper crop of U.S. and Mexican tomatoes and how it is affecting prices and farmers in Canada.
  • Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a fan of the whole David Chang thing. Sure, I could be accused of bandwagonism, and you know what? I’ve never eaten at any Momofuku resto. I own his cookbook, and cook from it often. I also own the Milk bar cookbook, written by his dessert maven, Christina Tossi. I read Lucky Peach, the magazine he does with McSweeney’s. I’ve posted about him here, usually in Read Up On It. Is the guy perhaps a bit too media-saturated? It could be argued that yes, he is. But that’s not his fault. The thing is, this guy digs food, and most of his detractors take personal pot shots at him, rather than his ideas about food. And I like his ideas. So I will be watching the new show on PBS that starts soon. Check out the trailer.