Halifax’s Best New Restaurants 2012

This week’s issue of The Coast is the 2012 Best New Restaurants issue. This year’s picks were a breeze. Ace Burger Co., Edible Matters and Jincheng Chinese Cuisine have easily become three of my favourite local restaurants in the past few months.

I think that each of these restaurants are tapping into the core wants and needs of Halifax:

Edible Matters is providing high quality, locally sourced food to an area that has been lacking a dynamic neighbourhood haunt, and they are adapting to their community’s needs, morphing from a café with counter services to a sit-down restaurant. The chefs, Chris Burton and Jamie MacAuley, are knocking it out of the park with their fresh, homey menu. It’s a breath of fresh air.

Jincheng is offering something truly authentic to Chinese students and expats—and anyone else who has spent enough time in Sichuan to call it either home or a home-away-from-home. They are also offering one of the few truly sweat-inducing eating experiences in town, with their numbing and searing dishes.

Ace Burger Co is bringing an effortless sense of cool to the now-booming burger business in town, melding simplicity and quality and eschewing the franchise model that tends to remove any personality from the fast food dining experience. The small scale that they choose to work has resulted in a detail-oriented efficiency that has let them actually meet their potential. A rare thing for any restaurant.

So now that you know mine, what are your favourite new restaurants? I wanna know!!

(Note: the photo in the bottom left corner is from The Coast, taken by the talented Scott Blackburn. The rest are mine!)