Read Up On It For December 7th, 2012

This week’s collection of links take you into the world of intellectual property, stinky durians and the lost foods of Hong Kong. Read Up On It!

Image via Encyclopedia Britannica

  • How does one maintain ownership of an culinary technique or idea? Can you? Eater’s Gabe Ulla posts a great piece on the culture of kitchens, and the difficulty in maintaining “ownership” over one’s own ideas.
  • I remember I once bought some frozen durian. They were sealed in a vacuum-packed package, as well as wrapped in more plastic. Even frozen, the smell of the stuff was so potent that by the end of the day, even my fridge smelled like durian. Oh, and my breath smelled like I’d been sucking on a sewer pipe. So why does it stink so bad? The Smithsonian looks into it.
  • Finally, Gourmet Traveller goes to Hong Kong, looking for forgotten – or nearly forgotten – dishes. Take the Golden Coin Sandwhich: “Some dub it the “cholesterol sandwich”: individual sliders made up of pork-belly fat, char siu, and chicken liver, all squished together in a steamed bun.”