Read Up On It For January 18th, 2013

Food was a big player in the news this week, what with stories about quinoa, soda, and make-your-own wine shops. Passable’s Read Up On It gets to the bottom of it, so sit down and tuck in!

Quinoa image via Wikipedia

  • On Monday, The Guardian posted a story that has been the talk of both the health-food crowd and the political activist crowd. Quinoa, that lovely grain that is being touted as a “super food” may be great for us, but is a hot-button topic in Peru and Bolivia where the grain is grown. Says the piece, “That global demand means less quinoa is being eaten in Bolivia and Peru, the countries of origin, as the price has tripled. There are concerns this could cause malnutrition as producers, who have long relied on the superfood to supplement their meagre diets, would rather sell their entire crop than eat it.” The Globe and Mail also looked into the ethics of eating the grain, asking readers their opinions on the subject.
  • Coca-Cola recently unveiled a new ad campaign, touting how they have been working on the rising rates of obesity linked to conspicuous consumption of calories, namely sodas. The Atlantic posted a great commentary on the subject, specifically attacking the quote that says, “All calories count. No matter where they come from including Coca-Cola and everything else with calories.”
  • Saveur gives a few helpful hints on how to smuggle beautiful, salted, smoked and cured pork products.
  • And still on the salt kick, Zester Daily has a piece on shio koji, a fermented product made from the same bacterial cultures used in making miso, soy and tamari sauces, or in this case, salt.