Read Up On It For January 25th, 2013

Where else but on Passable’s Read Up On It would you find stories about girly drinks, etiquette on restaurant photo taking, toxic gas from burning cheese and ridiculously cute japanese girls eating? Let’s get to it.

  • I have a confession to make. When I first started drinking in bars, I would always order something ridiculously fruity to drink. Like a Purple Nurple. So I have to say, I quite enjoyed this story from Slate about the history of girly drinks, and that most (in)famous one of them all, the Cosmopolitan, who turns 25.

Ever hear of Brunost, a lovely Norweigian cheese? Well, apparently in the right circumstances, it can burn for a very long time, and release toxic gases. Tasty, tasty asphyxiation. (Via Gawker)

  • And finally, via Buzz Feed, a young adventuresome eater named Rino. Quote: “So many American parents struggle to get their kids to eat anything but chicken finger and mac and cheese. Vegetables and seafood are out of the question. Here is a little Japanese girl devouring tail-on shrimp without blinking an eye.” Kawaii!