À la prochaine, mon cher Fid.

It was announced yesterday that Fid Resto will be closing this May.

Fid Screen The Dresden Row eatery has been around 13 years and has been at the forefront of serving local and seasonal food, an idea that was only just gaining traction when they opened their doors.

“We want to thank all of our loyal customers for dining with us over the years,” said chef and co-owner Dennis Johnston in a press release. “We also want to thank our incredible food suppliers; the farmers, the fishers, foragers, wine makers and others who have been intergal in putting FID Resto on the map. We’ve put a great deal of thought and consideration into our decision. While not easy, it feels right and we are looking forward to whatever the future holds for us both.”

Johnston spoke with CBC about the closure, stating that it was not “a decision based on the business climate in Halifax”, rather, that the lease for the space was up in May. He and Monica Bauché, the restaurant’s hostess and co-owner, had reviewed their options and decided to close.

For a long time, Fid was the place I would suggest or send people to when they wanted to know where to eat in Halifax. But food was only part of the reason I would send people there. The other part of the equation were Dennis and Monica, the restaurant’s owners.

Monica was warm and inviting as a hostess, and would remember more than just your name or your taste preferences. She would remember the stories or facts she would garner from conversations she would have with you as she seated and served you.  In an industry where individual touches are king, Monica was a queen.

That would make Dennis the crown prince, or court jester, depending on who you asked. I can’t count how many times Dennis would make a joke-  either with me or at me – when I would see him.  And I would always see him at the farmers markets here in the city. His kitchen may have been a sacred space, but that doesn’t mean it was closed to the public. Dennis would often invite diners or friends into the kitchen to learn about something, a technique, an ingredient.  He was even kind enough to help me source a few hard-to-find ingredients. My sister’s lemon birthday cake would a yuzu curd not have happened if it wasn’t for Dennis.

But outside of the personal connections, Fid and its team stood as one of the strongest stalwarts of the local food movement in Halifax.  Fid, along with many of the other restaurants and chefs in this city that have touted the benefits of local and seasonal food, helped change the culinary dining scene in this city. For that, we as Haligonians are eternally grateful.

When asked what was next for the team behind Fid, Johnston was vague, telling the CBC that he had no comment. In any case, I won’t say goodbye to Dennis and Monica. Only, “à la prochaine“.