Remembering Out Of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens

I hold a great deal of love in my heart for cookbooks.

An open copy of Out Of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens

If they’re good, they not only give us great dishes or great meals to remember, but they can give us insight into not only the food of a place and time, but of the people themselves.

In the case Marie Nightingale’s “Out Of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens”, what we get are not only recipes, but an entire overview of how the people of Nova Scotia ate, and continue to eat in the present day.

I recently had the opportunity to interview and write about Nightingale’s book for Zester Daily. The first part of the story tells of how the book came to be (a lot of recipe testing, years of research) as well as the influence that the book has had on both home and professional chefs, over forty years on.