Best of Food 2013

It’s time to vote for your favourite food things in The Coast’s annual Best of Food survey! Restaurants, chefs, servers, salads, sandwiches… make your opinions known! We definitely have our favourites, and I’m excited to vote. I’m also always excited to hear what other people think… so feel free to issue some spoilers in the comments here. Or tell us about the things you love and try to sway our votes!

Passable is up for favourite food blog, so if you like what we’re doing, feel free to vote for us. Or vote for one of the other amazing local food blogs that make up what is a pretty lovely community here in Halifax. From the inside-the-kitchen and behind-the-bar perspectives of Feisty Chef and Dash of Dartmouth to great cooking and eating blogs like Food Je t’Aimée, Eat Halifax, Kelly Neil’s blog, and all of the other great sites, there are tons of great perspectives to look at. No matter what site you vote for, you should definitely check ’em all out for the great food, photos and local pride.

And while you’re at it, why not also check out Faces Magazine’s poll and vote for Subway for Best Sandwich in all of the land, because OF COURSE Subway is listed as a legitimate option in a local magazine poll about the best things in our city. OF COURSE.