Whatever It Takes

1-21.09.cover2.inddThis week’s issue of The Coast is one that I’m very happy with. Along with my very talented editor, Allison Saunders, I put together a list of some of the best chef talent in town—younger chefs who have just begun running their own (or someone else’s) kitchen, who are working their way up the culinary ladder in an impressive way, or who are making moves to bring cool cuisine to town, whether it’s through diligent work as a sous-chef, opening their own business, or planning to open a business. Basically it’s just about talent.

This went from a feature about one young chef making the move from a sous-chef position to running a kitchen and what that transition is like, to a feature about 3 chefs to 5 chefs to 10 chefs to 9 chefs (slashmouth) and back to 10 chefs. We basically kept thinking about more people we wanted to write about. Because there is definitely talent in Halifax. These guys and gals are bein’ the best that they can be. And that’s worth a look. So I hope you’ll read this issue.