Culinary Team Canada Brunch


At the end of July, Cuilnary Team Canada packed their knives and came to town for a night called Going for Gold at Seasons by Atlantica. The event was to bring attention to and raise funds for the 2016 Culinary Olympics, where the Team will, of course, be going for gold.

Chef Luis Clavel from Seasons and Chef Peter Dewar, Culinary Arts Chef Instructor at Nova Scotia Community College in Kentville and creative mind behind the Pure Infused Maple Syrup are both on the Team.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend, but there was a second event hosted, a brunch, that I was glad to manage to get to.

The morning after their successful—and, by all accounts, amazing!—dinner, Clavel hosted the brunch at Seasons where the chefs spent their off time doing what they love most: cooking for a bunch of random strangers. The brunch was a truly wonderful display of talents from chefs from all across the country. They were led in the kitchen by their team manager, Vancouver’s John Carlo Felicella. Another Vancouver chef, Hamil Salimian, the executive chef at the Metropolitan Hotel, elicited some rare praise from the often cool Clavel.

If Culinary Team Canada show up in Halifax again, I am going to make sure there are no conflicts that keep me away from a seat at the table. This is a talented bunch. And I’ll be rooting for them all the way to 2016.