PEI in Saveur Magazine


This month I am fortunate enough to have a piece about the wonderful food of Prince Edward Island featured in what I consider one of the all-time great food publications, Saveur Magazine. This piece means a lot to me; it’s about the food passed down from my grandmother—my father’s mother—to my mother, who was kind and interested enough to take up the mantle and adopt a lot of Acadian recipes into her originally Manitoban repertoire. As a kid, the charm and simplicity of a lot of Acadian dishes—boiled dinners, fish cakes, simple stovetop beans, scalloped potatoes—was lost on me. I would pull up a big wooden chair to my Grammy’s table and stick to her fluffy homemade rolls with big dollops of butter and slices of sharp cheddar cheese, avoiding whatever was lurking beneath pot tops on her stove. The salty steam that would hang in the air from boiled pork neckbones or fresh fish was the last thing that would ever whet my appetite. Whether my tastes simply changed or if it just boils down to nostalgia being the sweetest spice of all, those Acadian basics are all comfort food to me now, and make me think of my PEI home. From the time I was a kid, and my parents would bring me, my brother, and my sister to PEI to wander the red shores to walk, swim or dig clams (like my uncles are doing in the above photo) or knock around in our grandparents’ fusty basement, to every time I get to go back to the Island to visit my parents who now live there full-time, PEI has held a very special place in my heart. But more than anything, this article has been a wonderful way to celebrate the thing I love most in the world: my family. Nothing could be more delicious than that.

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of the magazine or read the story online at