The Return of Read Up On It

After a long hiatus over the spring and summer, this fall marks the return of Read Up On It to Passable!

I have to admit I kind of missed doing the weekly digest of food-related readings/stories/posts/op-eds/news. And so here it is, once again, with stories about everything from beavers to butchers.



– A couple weeks ago, the CBC posted an engaging report about the rise of more and more young people getting into farming, a practice which is predominantly done by those over the age of 50.

– Also from a few weeks ago, Adam Leith Gollner writes for The Globe and Mail about why butchers are wonderful friends to have.

Zester Daily takes a peek inside the oyster.  Specifically Blue Point Oysters.

– A quick brief at The Atlantic on the tasty and vanilla-esque anal gland found in beavers.

– I love this story from Gawker. A patron at a restaurant leaves a nasty review on Yelp. And then the owner calls out the yelper, and does it with panache.

– The New York Times’s Jeff Gordiner writes about a recent symposium where chefs talk with farmers about how seeds could be the new avenue to greater tasting food.

– And finally, an interesting look at all things gluten. NPR talks to a doctor who thinks that all the hype around gluten-sensitivity is unscientific as well as still very much misunderstood.