A Feast For The Eyes

With the recent announcement of the program for Devour! The Food Film Fest a couple weeks ago, I though I might take the time to share a few of my favourite selections for this year’s upcoming screenings. As I stated in my last post about the festival, I had the pleasure to be one of the programmers for this year’s crop, and although I am proud of the program, I do have to admit to a certain preference for these selections.

The Fruit Hunters

Directed by Yung Ching, this film opens the festival with a sweet note. The Fruit Hunters follows a group of people who spend their lives thinking, dreaming, working with, and eating fruit.  But this isn’t a tale of apples and oranges.  Rare, almost forgotten, and heirloom varieties of all manner of fruit are sought after and discussed, from the seemingly mundane (apples) to the questionably palatable (durian, anyone?).

Gone Fishing

This selection of shorts looks at the connections that we have with the bodies of water that feed and sustain us.   A must for seafood lovers, and those who care for all things marine. Pay close attention to a few maritime-based selections in the program.

Step Up To The Plate

The name Michel Bras is respected and revered amongst chefs and food lovers around the world.  It’s not just the Michelin stars that does this, but the absolute dedication that Bras brings to his oeuvre. In Step Up To The Plate, director Paul Lacoste speaks Bras and his son as well, who has not only followed in his father’s footsteps to become a renowned chef, but respects and echoes his father’s drive to create memorable food. This film also screens with a short about the famed scandinavian restaurant, Faviken.

Devour The Shorts

The great thing about film festivals is the chance to see films that you may never get to see in any other context.  Keep an eye out for “I Kill”, a graphic but telling interview with a man who’s job it is to end the lives animals who find their way to your plate. Thoughtful, difficult, and arguably essential viewing for anyone who wants to know where their food comes from.