The TIBS Guide to Desserts


You guys. I am really excited about this.

On November 2, at Two if By Sea Cafe in Dartmouth, Bicyclette Publishing will be releasing The TIBS Guide to Desserts, a wonderful book filled with delicious recipes by the wonderful, talented Tara MacDonald. The book focuses on Tara’s homespun, warmhearted approach to baking—giving people who love eating handfuls of butter the opportunity to learn how to make things like her famous chocolate chip cookies and her delectable scones.

I am delighted to have had the opportunity to work with two singularly talented friends—Tara and Kelsey McLaren (publisher at Bicyclette Publishing)—on this book. Kelsey is basically a genius. A lawyer-by-day, publisher-by-night. Her devotion to this project has been bonkers, and the publishing world is lucky to have someone with her talent even spend a tenth of her time working in their industry. And, of course, Tara is a ridiculously talented, shockingly humble baker. Her creativity and naturalness in the kitchen has led her to make an indelible mark in Nova Scotia’s restaurant community. The TIBS croissant is a unique (and gargantuan) beast, a signature of style that I think basically makes Tara the Dominique Ansel of self-taught bakers. Is it a perfect croissant? No. Is it a perfect food? Yes. And that is what is at the heart of Tara’s encouraging, wonderful, simple approach to desserts. I took the photos for the book over a number of crazy days filled with baking fun.

It was important to us that the book be authentic to Tara’s self-taught ethos. Tara is a workhorse, not a show pony: nothing is staged or faked, made to look illusory or otherworldly, or given artifice. The photos were all taken as Tara baked from scratch, and the end products were simply plated as they would be in any home, without any pretense. Mistakes were made, captured, and enjoyed. To me, it truly captures the spirit of a great home cook. It truly captures the spirit of Tara MacDonald.

So go on down to TIBS on November 2—the 4th anniversary of the cafe!—and celebrate with Tara and Kelsey. They have put together a really fantastic book. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do. I think you will.

Check out Two if By Sea’s website or twitter for more info on the book release/anniversary party.