Here comes the hot sauce…or does it?

Although Passable tends to focus on the Atlantic Canadian food scene, occasionally we break from tradition.

I think this story merits such a break.

Remember a few weeks ago, when Huy Fong Foods, the makers of Sriracha, a.k.a. cock sauce, a.k.a rooster sauce, a.k.a. the stuff you put on everything, was looking at possibly being temporarily shut down? The story went viral, with people all over North America wondering if they should start stockpiling the stuff. And some of you probably did.

Thankfully, the plant didn’t get shut down as it was in the middle of its annual production. Huy Fong makes it sauces from fresh, not dried chiles, and therefore, the largest part of its production happens during a specific time of the year.  The possible closing of the plant would have meant a major loss of Sriracha on shelves – and everything seemed to be ok.

But today, the LA Times reports that Huy Fong has been ordered to halt the shipment of its product until the middle of January. Via the LA Times:

“Batches of the company’s three sauces, Sriracha, Chili Garlic and Sambal Oelek, now must be held for 30 days before they can be shipped to food distributors and wholesalers.State regulators added the requirement earlier this year after a review of Huy Fong’s production process. Because the sauces are ground fresh and not cooked, additional safety measures are required, said department spokeswoman Anita Gore. The 30-day hold helps ensure the sauce is free of harmful microorganisms for the duration of its shelf life, Gore said.”

So, should you stock up? Maybe. I might buy an extra bottle. Just in case.