Read Up On It For December 13th, 2013

This week on Read Up On It: The MSG discussion continues, for the love of bitter foods, and how being rude can cost you when it comes to the cheque.


  • Nobody likes rude behaviour. And some of us are guilty of it when we haven’t had our cup of joe. But that shouldn’t matter, according to one cafe owner in Nice, France. He put up the above sign in his cafe, charging those who don’t say please and good day, more for their coffee. (via Eater)
  • While you’re all excited about eating traditional japanese foods, the japanese are eating less and less of it. But by the same token, Japan is seeking to have it designated by UNESCO as an item of World Heritage. (Via AP)
  • And finally, looks like all this talk of Sriracha will never end. Enter, Sriracha, The Movie.