Nova Scotia’s Haskapa on Dr. Oz

Looks like a little bit of Nova Scotia will be featured on the Dr. Oz show tomorrow.

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Haskapa sent out a press release today stating that, “Ontario nutritionist, Bryce Wylde will be on the Dr. Oz show discussing his views on the potential of the Haskap, with berries from our very own orchards as well as some ‘haskapa’ Haskap products.”

The episode will air tomorrow afternoon at 5pm, Eastern Standard Time on CTV. You can also check your local listings or go to the Dr. Oz website to stream the show within 24 hours of airtime.

This is some pretty good news for Haskapa and the haskap industry in general. I reported on Haskapa back in April of last year for The Coast, as well as on their juice for the Globe and Mail. Add this to the fact that their products are now available in Toronto at McEwan Foods.