Out of old kitchens, into the big pantry in the sky

The author of “Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens,” Marie Nightingale, passed away this weekend. She was 85.

Nightingale’s “Out Of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens”influenced countless chefs in this province, amateur and professional, and has been on bookstore shelves for over forty years now.

I had the opportunity to interview Nightingale in 2013 for a story I did about her and her work’s influence for Zester Daily. An excerpt:

“Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens” was the first cookbook his mother owned, and he still owns the very same copy. For him, the book is not just as a repository of information, but a tool to be used by home chefs. “‘Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens’ is about keeping those dishes alive and to the forefront,” he says. “We tend to be a busy culture and we don’t have mothers and granddaughters teaching their kids how to cook anymore. Cookbooks have become more important. ‘Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens’ made me understand that every region’s culture was greatly influenced and represented in the food we ate.”

After the publication of the story, Nightingale was kind enough to send me a small note, saying, “I like the Marie you know even without having met her face to face.”

Thank you Marie. For your book, for your work, for your words of encouragement to anyone who ever cooked in a Nova Scotia kitchen.